Mission Reports

We are very excited to bring back reports of such great news about our latest
mission trip to Uganda. Willy and I spend 2 life changing weeks in Kampala. Our trip
consisted of organizing a Christmas party for more than 700 street children in one
of the most dangerous slums in Kampala. This was our first time of having such an
event laid on our hearts by God.

It was a very challenging time for us leaving friends and family to spend our
Christmas in such an area, but yet we had fun because we knew that it was God's
idea. We are continually blessed by the heart of our Father as we serve these
children of Uganda.

Willy and I were very touched and humbled and there is nowhere we would have
loved to spend our Christmas than being with these children. We were also able to
partner with a ministry that helps cancer patients and their children in Mulago hospital
by giving them food supplies for Christmas. And we gave towards roofing a children's
school in Gomba district.

We are very thankful to you all who made this a rememberable Christmas for these
street children and us. I believe not only did we share the Gospel through words but
also through deeds by showing the love of Jesus Christ to these forgotten children in
this nation.

This would not have been possible without the dedication, obedience, support and
prayers of our Friends, Family and Supporters. Each and every person that donated
to this cause made a difference in bringing hope to these children and they are eager
for our coming back this year.

Yours in Christ,
Willy and Jeffrey R. Hezron